annapolis irish fest 2012

in only it’s second year, the annapolis irish fest has grown from 5,000 in attendance to 20,000! and with the beginnings that they have, i can see this growing into a festival that will be one many of the bands will want to stop at.

held at the anne arundel fairgrounds, the lineup included icewagon flu, barleyjuice, scythian, the screaming orphans, the rovers, albannach, and the rouges that entertained everybody all day on the 2 stages.

unfortunately, due to scheduling (and the girls having to head north), the screaming orphans set was cut way short. that was the only bummer for the day.

for the rest of the pics, click HERE

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carlos jones video shoot, part 2

to shoot the intro to the video for carlos jones, we ended up at best gyros, over on lee road. they even fed us on the photo shoot (and the food was GREAT)!

for the rest of the photos, click HERE

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carlos jones video shoot

huntington beach was the setting for the FIRST official carlos jones & the P.L.U.S. band’s video, JUMP IN THE LINE. the turnout was nice, the weather was perfect, and even the bay village police were having fun watching the video being shot.
after about 7 takes, the band put on a 1.5 hour concert for those who were part of the video

a larger set of photos from the video shoot can be found HERE

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larchmere porchfest 2012

one of the coolest music fests i have ever heard of is the LARCHMERE PORCHFEST. located around larchmere avenue on the border of shaker heights and cleveland, the festival takes place on 30 DIFFERENT porches at peoples houses. the music is staggered in such a way as to be able to walk or bike to numerous musical acts over the course of 4 hours. if you have never been to it (now in it’s 3rd year), i HIGHLY suggest you go!

see moe photos from the day HERE

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pittsburgh irish festival 2011

the pittsburgh irish fest, held every year in september, is turning into a very nice little fest that draws quite a bit of top notch irish music. this years lineup included gaelic storm, the screaming orphans, carbon leaf, the makem & spain brothers and the always fun corned beef & curry, fronted by the amazing bob banerjee.

for the rest of the photos, the gallery can be found HERE

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dublin irish fest 2011

what an AMAZING weekend! you cannot go wrong when you get down to dublin and the young dubliners are playing. add to that a phone call to beverly while they were playing (and it turns out her FIRST phone call on her BRAND NEW IPHONE being set up in the apple store) and it made their the all the more interesting. next up were the elders (the PRIDE of kansas city) in their FIRST showing at dublin. let’s just say, they WILL be asked back! finally, the band that is crazy enough (and well liked enough) to play friday night in dublin before driving to waterloo, iowa for another show, the ALWAYS entertaining gaelic storm. even with a few audio glitches, the boys (and girl) never fail to disappoint and put on a set that rocked the house. after having been busy all day before getting down to dublin, i turned in early (around 3AM) and did not really stay around for the seisuns. for friday’s photos, look HERE

saturday started off by heading to the band homeland. although they are local, i will stack them up against any of the bands that come in for the fest from around the world. led by scott mcgillvray, homeland just ROCKED the house. then it was time to chase all the way over to the other side of the festival. after catching what was my most memorable golf cart ride ever (thank you to a certain someone who knows who they are) we caught a set by the incomparable moya brennan (of her own and clannad fame) whose band included the amazing cormac des barra on harp, sinead madden on fiddle, and her daughter aisling on guitar. AMAZING, just AMAZING! next up, the multi-talented step crew. combining irish step dance, master fiddle playing and a bit of humor, cara butler, jon pilatzke, dan stacey, and the rest of the gang are a whirlwind of both dance and music. if you ever get to see them, i HIGHLY recommend it!

working my way back to the main stage, i caught the ALWAYS entertaining mossy moran, and the absolutely hysterical tartan terrors. i got back in time to catch another incredible group, barleyjuice. led by kyf brewer, these guys come at you with an incredible sound that will leave you musically satisfied even if you saw NO OTHER band that weekend. deciding to stay at that stage for the rest of the night (great music and a chocolate banana also helped keep me there). next up, were the tossers from chicago. these guys (and woman) can rock your face off! they are also very interesting golf cart drivers (see the photos in the zenfolio gallery!). so, how do you top all of this? with the young dubs, of course! fantastic as usual, one had to feel a little bad for the band as once their set ended, they had to drive straight to waterloo iowa to perform at a festival on sunday.

but the festival doesn’t REALLY end at 11:00. heading back to the host hotel for the bar, a seisun led by cathy jordan (of dervish) and john doyle broke out at our little table in the corner of the bar. it eventually grew to about 12 players before the bar manager almost had a heart attack while trying to shut everything down at 2:20 AM, and then it moved out into the hallway where i decided to call it a night at about 5am with the music still playing.

for the rest of the photos from saturday, look in THIS gallery.

sunday! day 3 of trying to kill my liver while listening to great music! no, i did not get up early enough to see the druid service, but i did catch up with the always entertaining roger drawdy and the firestarters. next up, was barleyjuice again, followed by another great performance of step crew.

i was on my way back to the main stage at 4:30, when the weather decided it was not going to cooperate on this day. with big storms in the area, all of the stages were shut down and people ordered to take cover in the rec center. a lot of the musicians made it back to the operations office, and of course, a seisun broke out there! at 5:30 ALL of the stages except the finale were closed down for the night (denying scythian a whole set after driving from iowa, poor guys) and then at 6 it was decided there would be an extra long finale. led by cathy jordan of dervish, the finale was a great send-off to a great weekend!

for pictures from sunday, look HERE

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cleveland irish fest 2011

what would a cleveland irish fest be without rain? once again, we will not know. sporting a VERY good lineup this year, the cleveland irish fest was once again hot as could be, but a very enjoyable time nonetheless. regulars like seven nations (performing for the 12th consecutive time at CCIF) and the INCREDIBLE eileen ivers & immigrant soul featuring tommy mcdonnell wowed the crowds, along with recent adds to the regular schedule such as the incredible diver sisters known as the screaming orphans, and the always energetic band, scythian!

new to the cleveland festivities this year were the band slide, fronted by the whirlwind known as daire bracken, the fantastic mickey finns out of new york city, and the kreelers, a great band from the motor city!

for the rest of the photos, click HERE

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polina k rocks mike’s barn

polina, eve and i went out to meet my business partner (and most excellent bass and harmonica player) rob winwood out at mike’s barn to check out an AMAZING jazz guitarist named conrad reeves. well, he lived up to his reputation that has preceeded him (and this was BEFORE the tullamore dew)!

after introducing polina to mike, he convinced her to play a few songs with a set of musicians she had never played with. after 5-10 minutes of showing the guys the structures of HER songs (NOT covers), they did a GREAT job! (I am telling you that after having gone to the barn for a few years, i have NEVER seen a bad musician there!)

WHAT A NIGHT! HERE is some of the visual proof!

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